– Exclusives Interview mit dark_dwaggie Part 1

Nach seinen ganzen Videos und regem Mailkontakt mit uns, haben wir dark_dwaggie um ein Interview gebeten. Seine Antworten sind allerdings ca. 30x ausführlicher als wir erwartet haben. Das Originalinterview wird komplett veröffentlicht; eine kurze deutsche Zusammenfassung steht ganz unten. Special Thanks again to dark_dwaggie for this interview.

1. Would you like to tell us something about yourself and the way you became a skillgamer? 

I have been a ’skill‘ gamer most of my life…I had my first PC when I was two, which…I seem to remember being an old Amstrad my family got quite cheaply. And, I’ve been a massive gamer sine then, and whilst I now never play any PC games that are actually put on CDs anymore, I do play games online, as you know, on That does mean, I’ve been a gamer for 19 years of my 21-year life, so, in truth, I became a skill gamer when I was two, starting with tetris, space invaders, pong, and other games like that. My first gaming console, however, was a sega master system, which eventually blew up because of too much use :p The next one to follow was a nintendo entertainment system (NES, Japanese Name: Famicom), with only one game with it, at the time, Super Mario Bros 1, in the SMB1/Duck Hunt cartridge combo. Anyhow, since then, I’ve been a Nintendo fan, and have owned all nintendo consoles, except for the SNES…and I can’t rememeber why I didn’t get that one. Hehe. I’ve also had my name printed in about 6-10 of the Official Nintendo Magazines that are released here in the UK, and have been declared #1 in the country for Tetris DS, and also have been ranked very highly in a few other games, too.

 2. Do you play standard videogames or money games on other gaming sites, except of, as well?

I used to play on, briefly, when I was 18, which used the game lobbies owned by Unfortunately, there’s far too many cheats and programs in there, and staff refused to do anything about cheaters, so I left, telling them where they could stick their site. I would not recommend the worst person in the world to join From my experience, I’ve found that it’s a disgustingly awful site, with no care for it’s users at all. I went to a different site, advised to me by my younger brother, which was at the time known as, and now known today as If I had known about the discrimination I get from King by not being able to play Royal games, and a couple of others, because I signed up to Midasplayer/King through yahoo – which they didn’t even mention at the time – I’d have definitely signed up directly. As for video games, I own a fairly-extensive collection of gamecube games, as well as a couple of imported gamecube games (imported from USA to UK), as well as owning Datel’s (gaming company’s) action replay and freeloader device, allowing me to play foreign games on my gamecube safely. I also own an N64, and a Wii, to where I own about 70% of the wii’s european game releases, that are not movie/tv tie-ins, or are not crappy licensed games. As for my N64, I own some of the classic games of the 90s for it, including Pokemon Stadium 2, Paper Mario, Pilotwings, James Bond: 007; Goldeneye, Pokemon Puzzle League, Blast Corps, and many others. I also have handheld gaming, to the likes of my DS, and because of it’s ability to play games from any region freely, I have imported quite a few games from the USA for it, and two from Japan, in the Japanese language, to get the games for nearly half the price as I’d be able to get them here, in the UK, and like, 3 months earlier too. I don’t believe that the companies try to tell me that US$35 is equal to £30, when the exchange rate is $2=£1. :P

3. In your opinion, what is the point of publishing your hints?

What’s the point of publishing my hints? I’m a natural rebel, I guess, and admittedly, with all the money I have earnt from in profit, totalling to £4700 (€6938 at current exchange rate), I do feel a bit guilty at the lesser-skilled players that I’ve beaten over the last couple of years. The guilt is increased, I suppose, because I’ve never had to put money into, except for when I became a paying member, right at the beginning when I signed up, back in February 2005, so, yeh, £4700 return from £10 isn’t bad, is it? As for the videos though…I want to help people. I like helping people. It also saves me the time of explaining my game strategies to everyone who asks me for help, when instead I can just point them to a recorded video where they can see the strategy at work.

4. What’s your favorite game?

There are far too many games on for me to pick a favourite, and people may notice that when I’m working for a different award on, the Favourite Game; line on my profile always changes to the game of the award of which I’m going for. However, games that I do like include Bomp Bomp Party, Flower Power, 8-Ball Pool, Bejewelled 2, Abacus Alley (If they’d ever bloody re-enable it for me, and not just a select few users X_x), Carnival Shootout, Deal Or No Deal, and Magic Spinball. My favourites are not in that order, they’re just ones that come to mind.
Games I hate on are as follows: Silver Screen (the Music and Colors are awful, in my opinion), Webracer GP (I hate it when your car gets stuck to an opponent’s, or when a computer drives into the back of you and slows you down), Jungle Rumble (Because I can never get 5 palyers at my rating so I can go for award points – King needs to change it so that the award point requirement is win a 4 or 5 player game, like in Word Battle, not win a 5 player game), Pinball King (Because I suck at it :p), Chesster (I was an ex-school chess champion, but this isn’t true chess, it relies on speed and isn’t a full board or game), Big Bang (Again, because I suck at it), Original Bomp Bomp (Slow, boring, and repetitive), All card games (Never really liked card games), Animal Athletes (Relies too much on luck, in my opinion), Midas Links (boring, old, and very difficult), and the quiz games (because my general knowledge isn’t that good).

Part 2 follows in a few days


1) Erzähle uns was zu Deiner Person, und wie Du zum Skillgamer wurdest!

Meinen ersten PC bekam ich mit 2 Jahren und spielte seitdem auch Videospiele (Tetris, Pong, …). Insbesondere Konsolenspiele auf dem Sega Master System und später auf dem NES (Mario 1) hatten es mir angetan. Ich wurde sofort zum Nintendofan und verpasste bis auf das SNES keine Konsole mehr. Einige male war ich im Offizielen Nintendomagazin hier in England und wurde als #1 in Tetris DS gelistet. Nun bin ich 21 Jahre alt.

 2) Spielst Du nur Geldspiele auf, oder auch woanders? Spielst Du normale Videospiele?

Mit 18 spielte ich auf der alles andere als empfehlenswerten Seite Aufgrund von Cheatern und Cheatprogrammen, gegen die nichts unternommen wurde, wechselte ich zu  Ich besitze viele Gamecube-Spiele; darunter einige Importe aus den USA, 70% aller europäischen Wii-Spiele, eine  Nintendo64 – Konsole sowie meinen geliebten Nintendo DS mit einigen (billig) importierten Spielen aus Japan.

3) Wieso veröffentlichst Du deine Tricks in Videos?

Mit meinen ca. 7000 Eur Gewinn aus der geringen Mindesteinzahlung von ca. 20 Eur fühle ich mich etwas schuldig ;) Eigentlich möchte ich einfach den anderen Spielern helfen. Mit Videos spare ich mir Zeit und muss nicht alles mehrmals erklären. Der Lerneffekt ist mit praktischem Bezug sowieso am besten.

4) Welches Spiel spielst Du am Liebsten?

Besonders mag ich Bomp Bomp Party, Flower Power, 8-Ball Pool, Bejeweled 2, Abacus Alley, Carnival Shootout, Deal Or No Deal und Magic Spinball. DAS Lieblingsspiel gibt es für mich nicht. Spiele die ich nicht so mag:

Silver Screen (Music und Farben sind grausam), Webracer GP (Slowdown nach Gegnerkollision), Jungle Rumble (Ich finde schlicht nicht genug Gegner in meiner Spielstärke), Pinball King (Bin einfach zu schlecht), Chesster (Ich war mal Schulchampion im Schach, aber bei dieser Variante gehts nur um Geschwindigkeit), Big Bang (Auch hier bin ich zu schlecht), Original Bomp Bomp (Langsam,Langweilig, nicht Abwechslungsreich), Alle Kartenspiele (Schon immer), Animal Athletes (Glücksspiel), Midas Links (Langweilig, veraltet, schwer), und Quizspiele (mangelndes Allgemeinwissen)

Teil 2 erscheint in den nächsten Tagen

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