– Exclusives Interview mit dark_dwaggie Part 2 , incl. Partnerseitenvideo

Heute folgt die Fortsetzung des Interviews mit Spieler dark_dwaggie. Eine kurze deutsche Zusammenfassung ist wieder weiter unten zu finden. 

5. Is your skill a full-time-job? Do you earn enough money? What was your best win?

Heh, I WISH it paid me enough to be a full time job, so any gaming companies reading out there, hire me, dammit! I earn enough money for luxuries in life, and admittedly, it’s furnished my room with a new desk, big widescreen TV, books, tons of games for my wii (which I also bought with winnings from , gamecube, and N64, as well as a new sound system, plushies from the Tokyo (Japan) Pokémon Center – the only store in the world that sells them, a multi-region, developers edition DVD player, which can play DVDs from any region safely, without problems.

6. And you still have no money for a handkerchief? ;)

Heh. Because of the position of the computer in relation to the window (which is a bay window – reflects light from all directions into the room), I often have to keep the curtains closed, to stop light shining onto the screen, which of course stops fresh air getting into the room easier, which makes me sniff ;) So yeah, that’s your explanation for the sniffs :P

7. What do you think about Bejeweled 2 Bots? I don’t think can recognize them. Don’t cheaters frustate you?

I know for a fact that if knew there were bots for Bejewelled 2, they wouldn’t have allowed the game to be published on Furthermore, I also believe that the game window for bejewelled on is smaller than the normal downloadable version (by smaller, I mean, less jewels in columns and rows, not actual size of the game window). However, I shall notify about there being a gamebot floating around online, and see what they say about it, and if they protect against it.

8. How is your relationship to the owners of

Oooh, tough question, did one of your users specifically ask this? Hehe. Whilst I haven’t, to my knowledge, SPOKEN to the owners of (one co-owner being Toby Rowland who’s vids on the making of the TV ads, and camera footage he’s taken of his new home, bought with profits no doubt ((:P)), can be seen on his youtube ID – tobyrowland), I do have a friendly relationship with the fool ( staff blogger), who does listen to complaints, and tries to fix things.
Of course, there are certain things that I know about the fool, and, which, for the sake of me NOT being banned from, I cannot say. Of course, I’d like to say them, but it wouldn’t be a good idea to. Although, I can make up for this with an exclusive admittance for you; When advertised for a user to train Jeanette Lee for their special pool events, they chose me, and EVERYTHING that’s in my 8-ball pool video ( ), and some things which aren’t, were taught to jeanette, which is how she got so skilled so quickly. :P I do wish, however, that the owners of the site would stop discriminating against users, because companies want to pay them more money for sponsorship. One such company is, who has banned from letting people who signed up through (myself included), from playing Sponsor games. You can hear my thoughts on many sponsors at the following youtube video link: . The sooner they put me onto the default template, and let me play Royal Games, the better, and they know it. Selfishly, I do hope that the contract with dissolves soon, so that I can be put onto the default template automatically.

9. Anything else you want to tell our readers?

There isn’t much more i can say, really. If you need help, ASK for it. If you don’t, you’ll never improve or learn strategies that have worked for me, and other people. If I’ve not done a video of a game on that you want, ASK me to…just try and speak english so I can understand you. My understanding of the german language is very low, and I normally have to use babelfish for all but the simplest of word, sorry! I will be doing more video guides in the future, and I welcome comments on all of my game guides, as well as comments on my Partner Comparison site video, located here: , because, remember one thing. If we keep protesting, THEY CAN’T IGNORE US FOR EVER!

Oh, and one more thing, if you’re having trouble getting withdrawal money from, mail support at , and they should be able to sort it out for you quickly. I personally thing that if money is going from your account to paypal, it should take a maximum of two days, NOT two weeks like keeps insisting that they need to check for „fraudulant activity“. My personal view is they keep it those extra weeks, because of the interest they gain. Remember, if you’re withdrawing money from, it will take a total of THREE WEEKS for you to be able to have it in your hand, in the current system – two weeks for to send it to paypal, and one week for paypal to send it to your bank. knows this, and I’m sure if enough people complain, they’d get their act together and improve their withdrawal process.

Anyway, I hope this interview has helped the people who are curious about me, and if you have any othe questions, feel free to message me on, under the ID, dark_dwaggie, or ask admins to ask me more questions. :P

– dark_dwaggie


5. Ist das Spielen Dein Hauptberuf? Kannst Du Dich damit komplett finanzieren? Was war Dein bisher größter Gewinn?

Ich wünschte ich könnte vom Spielen leben. An alle Spielehersteller, die das lesen: „Hey.Stellt mich doch ein. Ich warte nur auf euch :)“. Immerhin verdiene ich genug um mir einen neuen Schreibtisch, Widescreen-Fernseher, Bücher, eine Fülle an Wii/Gamecube/N64-Spielen, sowie eine neuen Soundanlage, seltene Pokemonfiguren aus Tokio und einen regionenfreien DVD-Player habe leisten können.

6. Und Du hast dennoch kein Geld für Taschentücher, um in den Videos freundlicher zu klingen? ;)

Haha! Mein Pc ist direkt am Fenster platziert, weshalb ich oftmals die Rolläden runterlassen muss, um  den Monitor vor Lichteinfall zu schützen. Es kommt also weniger frische Luft in mein Zimmer, weshalb ich öfters mal niesen muss. :P

7. Wie stehst Du zu automatischen Bots (Bejeweled 2)? Frustrieren Dich Cheater nicht?

Ich weiss genau, dass King das Spiel niemals aufgenommen hätte, wenn es damals schon Bots gegeben hätte. Die King-Version unterscheidet sich ferner von der downloadbaren Standardversion. Ich werde King jedoch mal darauf ansprechen und in Erfahrung bringen, ob sie sich gezielt davor schützen.

8. Wie ist Dein Verhältnis zum Team?

Gute Frage. Hat das einer eurer Leser erfragt? Ich hatte zu den Gründern bisher keinen Kontakt, jedoch kenne ich den Narren vom King-Blog sehr gut. Was ich erzählen kann, ist das ich ausgewählt wurde, Jeanette Lee auf die Pool-Events vorzubereiten. Durch mein Video, lernte sie alles sehr schnell :) Ich würde die Besitzer gerne kennen, um ihnen meinen Unmut über yahoo, etc.  kund zu tun. Näheres dazu erfahrt ihr hier:

9. Möchtest Du unseren Lesern noch etwas mitteilen?

Nicht viel. Wenn ihr Fragen habt, FRAGT! Ich versuche Videos zu machen, die ihr wollt, freue mich über Kommentare zu meinen Videos auf Youtube und werde in Zukunft weitere Guides veröffentlichen. Ich spreche nicht gut deutsch, also wenn es geht nur auf englisch ansprechen! Unterstützt meine Kampagne mit Kommentaren:

Achso. Nochwas. Mailt an bei Schwierigkeiten bei der Geldauszahlung. Ich finde 2 Tage Transaktionsdauer zu Paypal würden reichen, nicht wie bei King üblich 2 Wochen. Lasst euch das nicht gefallen. Immer schön mailen, evtl. geben sie ja bald nach.

Ich hoffe ich konnte mit dem Interview alle Wünsche erfüllen. Bei Fragen schreibt mir entweder über meinen King-Account dark_dwaggie oder fragt das Team von skillgaming, damit die mich wieder Fragen :)

– dark_dwaggie

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